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Cathy Choi Press: Pouring It On: Cathy Choi 'Pouring it On' at UMass Amherst Catalog Essay, February  6, 2014 - Shona Macdonald

Pouring It On: Cathy Choi 'Pouring it On' at UMass Amherst Catalog Essay

February 6, 2014 - Shona Macdonald

Pouring it On gives us the opportunity to examine how both of these statements from over sixty years ago can, in the context of contemporary painting, coexist rather than contradict one another...Cathy Choi pours layers of acrylic and resin on her canvas, creating a luminous surface of fluidity and movement. The qauntity and excess of material discharged onto the canvas are restrained in a kind of untertow. She engages in a conversation with the material, more or less as an equal partner. The resin and acrylic flow inevitably to the bottom, gravity asserts itself, and the point of termination bends light—perfectly. The total effect is that, within the limitless reservoir of color and light, we have serenity in abundance.


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Artisn Bushwick: A Discussion with Cathy Choi

February 1, 2014 - Audrey Tran

Cathy Choi is a sculptural painter based in Bushwick and she recently participated in BOS ’11. For this post, I’ve posed a few questions about Choi’s practice and views of our community in contrast to the other art communities she’s experienced abroad.

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